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EML is one of the fastest growing laboratories in the area.  Our growth is attributed to our corporate philosophy of developing long term business relationships through dedication to client services, technology and strong, consistent management. 

EML provides bacteriological analysis for drinking water by testing for two types of bacteria, Total Coliform organisms and E.coli.  These tests are required by the EPA for public drinking water systems on an ongoing basis and is recommended annually for private water wells systems.  Water suitable for drinking by humans must be free of these organisms to be considered safe. 

Ground Water Analysis
EML follows extensive ground water sampling practices and procedures guaranteed to meet regulatory requirements.

Wastewater Analysis

EML has broad experience and expertise in pollution monitoring and waste disposal.  We analyze wastewater and solid waste for a full range of parameters.

Petroleum and Related Materials
EML offers a full range of petroleum testing services that includes sulfur content, chromatographic analysis, wear metals, API distillations, flash point and BTU heating value.

EML’s Field Service Department provides trained sampling technicians to support analytical projects.  EML has the capacity to fully equip and mobilize teams for level-C and level-D sampling.

EML’stechnicians also have extensive experience in the sampling of groundwater, surface water and soil.   All field parameters are monitored (pH, specific conductance, temperature, dissolved oxygen) to ensure representative groundwater samples.