Environmental Services
EML offers a wide-range of environmental chemistry services including the analysis of: surface, drinking, waste, storm and ground water; solid, hazardous and liquid wastes; sediments and soils; plant and animal tissues and other sample matrices. We also offer turn-key wastewater, groundwater and surface water body monitoring services.

EML specializes in performing environmental chemistry analyses. We utilize only Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved procedures or follow EPA protocols when an approved procedure must be modified or cannot be used. For water and wastewater analyses, approved procedures include those listed in the 40 CFR Part 136. These procedures are generally those specified in "Standard Methods", or the EPA manual "Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes, Physical/Chemical Methods".

EML analyzes all samples under the auspices of the formal, quality control program that meets or exceeds the requirements of the EPA, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and similar agencies in other states. Our laboratory is certified by several states and NELAP. We have also been inspected by a number of municipalities, environmental and engineering firms, water and wastewater authorities and other entities.

Quality control procedures are continually reviewed and improved upon to provide our customers with not only a prompt, cost-effective service, but also with data that is firm and defensible either in a court of law or a regulatory proceeding.

Normally, reports of sample results are mailed within 5 to 7 working days for most analyses. Expedited sample analyses are available if shorter turnaround times are required.

Our standard report includes the results as well as the following quality control information. Various levels of quality control are available upon request.

  • The dates the analyses were performed;
  • The initials of the personnel who performed the analyses;
  • The analytical techniques and/or methods used;
  • The results of each analyses and;
  • Results of quality control sample analyses.

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